Banners Featuring Quotes from War Tax Resisters

I’m doing some site design tweaks this weekend, which include a new color scheme, a distressingly-corporate-looking logo, and a site search feature. Let me know what you think of the changes, or if there are other features you’d like to see.

Also, I’ve added several new banners, each featuring a picture of and a quote from someone who’s on the picket line with me. For the record, the fact that someone is pictured or quoted in these banners only means that they are or were a tax resister of some variety — it is not intended to suggest that they are endorsing The Picket Line or my particular viewpoints and methods.

The roster so far includes Wally Nelson, Ruth Paine, Bernard Offen, Juanita Nelson, Edmund Wilson, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, Utah Phillips, Thad Crouch, Geov Parrish, John K. Stoner, Frank H. Epp, Dorothy Day, Maurice McCrackin, Don Schrader, Clare Hanrahan, Randy Kehler, Ginny Sсhnеider, Priscilla Adams, Carol Moore, Bill Ramsey, Mary Loehr, Andrea Ayvazian, Jessica Stewart, H.D. Thoreau, Pete Meyers, Lee Gough, Ed Hedemann, Ruth Benn, Claire Wolfe and Fred Ecks.