Jello Biafra

“I definitely think the farty old left is as much an enemy as the conservatives in power, as far as turning people off to activism and change. Resistance should be fun. Resistance isn’t some pain in the ass; it’s great fun. It’s not just good for the soul, and uplifting spiritually; it can also be a great kick in the ass.

“Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually fucking with Mitsubishi!”

General Jello Washington
Interview in The Onion.

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On This Day in SniggleryMay 2, 2003: The Tunbridge Wells Courier publishes a story about “Monkey Man,” a real life superhero whose good deeds have warmed the hearts of locals. News of this caped crusader travels to the international media from France to New Zealand to the United States before the hoax is revealed. (See News Trolls for more info)