Jello Biafra

“Our attitude on home taping is on the In God We Trust, Inc. cassette: ‘Home taping is killing big entertainment industry profits; we left side two blank so you can help.’”

— JB interviewed by Steve Kreitzer of WUSB

The Dead Kennedys?

“Straight politics is for people with no sense of humor. People rely on artists for the truth far more than they rely on politicians. Taking journalism into account as an art here. If I was ever to enter politics again it would be for the same reason I ran for mayor in San Francisco, namely an act of sabotage. I’ve always tried to use my life and my art as a prank as much as possible.”

— JB interviewed by Steve Kreitzer of WUSB

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On This Day in SnigglerySeptember 26, 2007: The Collier County Sheriff’s Office puts out a press release about a powerful new narcotic being used by local children. Called “Jenkem,” or “butthash,” the drug is made from fermented human waste. It’s also complete hogwash. (See Cop Jamming for more such tomfoolery)