LAFCO presents — “A Public Hearing”

Second free performance: Thursday, April 5th, 10:00 a.m.

City Hall (1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 263)

A local cast featuring Tom Ammiano performs “A Public Hearing,” now updated for our Inevitable Blackout Summer with Jim Sutton and Lester Olmstead Rose as “The PG&E Lobbyists!” This Kafkaesque parody of bureaucratic drudgery is both meticulously scripted and playfully improvizational, and stubbornly refuses to draw the line between the audience and the performer.

We have been granted use of the very appropriate venue of a City Hall hearing room for this free performance.

Audience participation is encouraged and may erupt around you at any time. Spend too much time looking at the stage, and you may miss the scene that takes place two seats to your right.

Is there a rhythm to the banal recitations of a public hearing? Is the shuffling of papers and pounding of gavels a kind of dance? Can one bureaucrat (which one?) keep from being ground down by the machine by turning A Public Hearing into a beautiful form of performance art? Will they ever run out of coffee?

About us: LAFCO was founded in 1963 by director and playwrite Cortese Knox, and has since been performing and publishing innovative plays that straddle the boundaries between drama and reality, secular and sacred, performer and audience.