Among the people and resources that were of great help to me in assembling The Annotated Hasheesh Eater were:

  • Union College Library, Schnectady, New York, where I found biographical information about Fitz Hugh Ludlow available nowhere else

  • The New York State Historical Library, Cooperstown, New York, which was very helpful and which let me review many Ludlow family letters

  • Michael Horowitz’s 1975 edition of The Hasheesh Eater, which was my first exposure to 19th century cannabis writing and to Fitz Hugh Ludlow

  • The Beta testers for this CD-ROM, who pointed out errors and made suggestions for improvement

  • The on-line “Making of America” archive, which has scans and searchable OCR’d text of many 19th century books and periodicals.

  • Donald P. Dulchinos, whose Ludlow biography (Pioneer of Inner Space 1998) identified some of the people whose trips Ludlow described in The Hasheesh Eater

  • The San Francisco Public Library History Center, which has useful information on Ludlow’s trek to California

  • Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1898 edition) — some of my footnotes come almost word-for-word from there

  • ARTFL Project: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition ( — my source for information on many an unknown word

  • Bible Gateway (

  • Google ( — what would we do without ’em