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Life of a Pythagorean

“Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.”
— Kubla Kahn.


Editor’s introduction to the 2003 hypertext edition

Author’s Preface
Author’s Introduction
I.The Night Entrance
II.Under the Shadow of Esculapius
III.The Kingdom of the Dream
IV.Cashmere and Cathay by Twilight
V.The Hour and the Power of Darkness
VI.The Mysteries of the Life-sign Gemini
VII.The Night of Apotheosis
VIII.Vos Non Vobis — Wherein the Pythagorean is a Bystander
IX.The Shadow of Bacchus, the Shadow of Thanatos, and the Shadow of Shame
X.Nimium — The Amreeta Cup of Unveiling
XI.The Book of Symbols
XII.Today, Zeus; Tomorrow, Prometheus
XIII.Eidola Theatri and the Prince of Whales
XIV.Hail! Pythagoras
XV.“Then Seeva Opened on the Accursed One His Eye of Anger”
XVI.An Oath in the Forum of Madness
XVII.Down With the Tide
XVIII.My Stony Guardian
XX.Leaving His Schoolmaster, the Pythagorean Sets Up for Himself
XXI.Concerning the Doctor; Not Southey’s, but Mine
XXII.Grand Divertissement
XXIII.The Hell of Waters and the Hell of Treachery
XXIV.The Visionary: To which Chapter there is no Admittance upon Business
XXV.Cave Succedanea
Notes on the Way Upward
Labyrinths and Guiding Threads
Ideal Men and Their Stimulants
Author’s Appendix

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