The Usenet Clam

Subject: Re: Clam info on-line
From: (Ed Anderson)
Date: 1996/08/16
Message-ID: <4v0vf8$>
Newsgroups: alt.skincare,
Eva Whitley ( wrote:
" If this isn't a hoax, then this is one of the most fascinating things
" I've ever seen on the 'net.
" If it is a hoax, I'm going to vote for it as the best science fiction
" story of 1996.
" amassed child vigor wrote:
" >
" > See [] for more information on this
" > emerging (venereal) skin disease.
" >
" >                         NEW S.T.D. A PUZZLE TO INVESTIGATORS
" >                 [Image] by Bernard Taylor
" > ----

The debunkers in news:alt.folklore.urban call this a hoax.

The "clam" is probably short for Chlamydia, a known STD.  Drag around some
red herrings like a reference to "molluscum" and some fake citations and
CDC fabrications and you too can create your own urban legend.

     A disease of the skin and mucous membranes caused by a
     poxvirus. It is characterized by scattered flesh-toned white
     papules. The disease most frequently occurs in children and
     adults with impaired immune response. It is transmitted from
     person to person by direct or indirect contact and lasts up to
     three years.

Apparently over 90% of children and adults have antibodies to this virus
and show no symptoms of it.  Hardly an epidemic.

Check out the author's other stories regarding Elvis.

-- Ed Anderson