The Usenet Clam

Subject: Re: Clinton has V.D. <- News report
Date: 1996/08/14
Message-ID: <4urf32$>
Newsgroups: talk.rumors,,,,alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.perot
  I don't have any idea if there's anything to the below suggestion
regarding the possibilty of Clinton having a venereal disease.
  If I believed Clinton were an honest, honorable man I wouldn't give
it much credence, actually.
  However, since Clinton ostentatiously claims to be on "active duty"
as the Commander-in-Chief (God help us) when that claim's convenient,
shouldn't he be subject to AT LEAST the same (if not more severe)
military discipline that a VD-infected Buck Private would be? That is,
have the matter dealt with under the military justice system.

In <4uoe0s$> (Dianne
Gross) writes:
>Excerpts from Phil Brodley's "Into the Stretch" Column, 2 Aug. 1996
>      ....Dole campaign strategist Lisa Svoboda has been quietly meeting with
>      Gennifer Flowers' attorney and media rep Shawn Cirle. What might the two
>      be discussing? Can any more disturbing skeletons be found in this
>      ransacked grave?
>      You'd think if Flowers wasn't enough to defeat Clinton in the last
>      election, she couldn't help Dole much now.  But whispers have it that
>      maybe the Dole campaign isn't excavating for skeletons but digging for
>      clams.
>      "The clam," known to researchers as mollusca, is the latest in a line of
>      mostly benign sexually-transmitted diseases that have been discovered in
>      the last few decades. Because it was thought to be rare, and is
>      considered 'mostly harmless,' it hasn't gotten the attention devoted to
>      AIDS or Herpes.
>      What makes mollusca a stand-out is this: It makes its victims, well,
>      randy. Really randy. Statistically significantly randy.
>      Some time after the convention, expect Flowers to hold a press
>      conference in which she claims that she's infected and that she gave it
>      to -- or got it from -- the president.
>      Strategists see this as a way to focus attention on Clinton's perceived
>      moral shortcomings -- polls show that the public does not believe that
>      Clinton is faithful to his wife -- and may also be used to subtly
>      indicate that Hilary has undue influence over his decisions.  There's a
>      hyphenated word ending in "whipped" that I'm not allowed to use in this
>      column that applies here....

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