The Usenet Clam

Subject: Re: The Clam
From: Steve Mueller
Date: 1996/08/19
Message-ID: <>
Brad Templeton wrote:
> From what I recall, it's a hoax STD that some guy has invented and is
> trying to turn into an urban legend.   The alleged disease has no
> symptoms other than increasing your sex drive (ie. to help itself spread)
> and part of the hoax is that some people actually want to catch it.

   Actually, there is another symptom claimed -- small, clam-like bumps
that appear occasionally.  In one post made by this woman, she cited a
Web page for the Chowder Club.  (I'm assuming for this discussion
that this person is a woman since she posted as a SWF even though the
E-mail address at the Web site lists David K. Colroom -- more than one
person *could* share an E-mail address.)

   Thinking it was about Clam Chowder, I checked it out.  It was about
the clam.  There were many links to other references, and I read a
"paper" on it.  It seemed real, but I wasn't looking to expose it as a
scam, just trying to find out more about it.

   I have attached a post from that includes the Web site I saw
(thanks to Deja News).

   At first, I assumed "the clam" was short for chlamydia, too.


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