The Usenet Clam

Subject: Re: Clam diggers
From: (Brad Templeton)
Date: 1996/08/22
Message-ID: <4vj5f6$>
Newsgroups: ba.personals,alt.folklore.urban
In article <>, Steve Mueller  <> wrote:
>Sonya & Marie wrote:
>> In article <>, says...
>> What is a clam digger?
>   A clam digger is somebody who *wants* to contract the clam.  The clam 
>supposedly kicks your libido into overdrive, and some people think this 
>would be a good thing.
>   They had better hope that the clam doesn't have any long term effects.
>   Steve

It has zero long term effects, other than making you look silly on the net,
since it is, from all appearances, a hoax, not a disease.   The web of
carriers and studiers doesn't exist except on the hoaxer's web site.
The supposed scientific name of the "disease" is "mollusca" which is
a *phylum* -- no biologist would create a disease's scientific name using an
existing phylum or other major taxonomic classification.   It's like
calling a disease "mammal."
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